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La Bourse aux Crus is a service for buying and selling wines belonging to Au bonheur du vin customers. It is not an auction service. The selling prices are set by the buyer and validated by the Au bonheur du vin team to ensure that they correspond to the prices found on the market. This service is exclusively reserved for Au bonheur du vin customers. Indeed, the wines listed on the stock exchange have been stored in ideal conservation conditions and only the latter can be the subject of a transaction on the Bourse aux Crus.


Who is the Bourse aux Crus for ?
The Bourse aux Crus is reserved exclusively for Au bonheur du vin customers. In order to use this service, you must have deposited wines and be able to access your cellar book with a login and password.

When can we use the Bourse aux Crus ?
Anytime. Everyone is free to put wines on sale or to buy them.

How does it work ?
On your cellar book, you click on the tab "Bourse aux Crus". A scrolling menu will be executed and allows you to select either the wines you wish to sell, your own wines for sale or all the wines offered for sale in the Bourse aux Crus.

How are purchases or sales paid for ?
Sales and purchase transactions are carried out by means of transfers and debits from the bank accounts of the persons who have concluded an offer. It is therefore necessary that the person in charge within Au bonheur du vin has the bank details of the interested parties.

How does Au bonheur du vin ensure that operations are properly monitored ?
Each operation carried out automatically triggers the sending of an email to the site manager. He is therefore informed in real time of the various operations.

Can we sell wines that are not in the cellar ?
No. The wines must be physically in the cellars of Au bonheur du vin and appear on the cellar book to allow the smooth running of sales and purchases at the Bourse aux Crus.

Can I withdraw a wine that I have already put up for sale on the Bourse aux Crus ?
Yes. As long as the transaction is not final, it is possible to withdraw your wines. You just have to contact Au bonheur du vin to credit your cellar book from which the wine you wanted to put on sale was automatically removed. The wine will then disappear from the Bourse aux Crus.

What happens after the sale is completed ?
Once the transaction has been completed and payments made, the Au bonheur du vin team removes the wines from the seller's locker and transfers them to the buyer's locker. The buyer's cellar book is then credited with the wines obtained during the purchase on the Wine Market.

Is there a commission ?
The purchase is transparent to the buyer. He does not pay any commission. However, there is a 10% commission on the sale. For example, a wine is sold for CHF 60 including VAT. The buyer is debited CHF 60 to the benefit of the seller. The seller's account will be credited with 60 CHF (including tax) minus the 10% commission, i.e. 54 CHF (including tax).



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